J. Coco Client

We hired Brad last year to do our interior painting along with exterior trim and a garage door (he was referred to us by a friend). Brad and Quality Painting & Restoration have been great…personable, responsible, and timely. If I call, he gets back to me within 24 hours – always. I’ve always had a good feeling hiring Brad & Quality Painting & Restoration – he’s honest and he keeps his word. Brad’s realistic – he doesn’t over-commit. If his guys can’t make it out to my house for a week, he tells me – doesn’t promise anything he can’t deliver.
His crew is great too. They’re punctual, quiet, respectful of my home, and they do great cleanup after.
Quality Painting & Restoration does more than paint – they do repair work, remove wallpaper, fix plaster. It saves me needing to hire someone else to do those small but necessary things to complete a remodeling project in my home.
I’ve recommended Brad to my friends and neighbors because I know I can trust him to do the same quality job he did for me.

M. Currie Client

We hired Quality Painting & Restoration about 5 or 6 years ago on the advice of a friend who met Brad at a business networking meeting. Since then, they’ve painted our old house, the house we’re in now, our condo, and even our business offices.
Brad’s a great guy. We trust him. He keeps his word. If he says it will take this much time and cost this much, that’s what it is. Even if it ends up costing him a bit more than he thought, he sticks to his word.
We’ve had contractors work for us before, but nobody takes the time to do the prep work, do the clean-up, leave the place the way they found it – and we’re very fussy (especially my husband).
And it’s not just Brad, it’s also his crew. I’ve always trusted them in my home and in the office. They reflect Brad’s values.
There’s an old joke. A man says, “I want it done cheap, fast, and good.” The honest craftsman replies, “Pick two.” If it’s cheap and fast, it’s not good. If it’s cheap and good, it’s not fast. Quality Painting & Restoration is the honest craftsman. I’d definitely refer them to my friends.

Y. Bourisk-Beliveau Client

we hired Quality Painting & Restoration to strip and stain our front door, then, about year ago, we hired them again to paint our living room. Brad and his crew were wonderful – so impeccably clean, very professional, they left the place looking cleaner than when they came. The project was completed in a timely manner, according to the schedule that Brad gave us.
Brad also guided us through advice about what needed to be done and what didn’t need to be dome – he wasn’t out to add more money to the bill. He has integrity. And he came back after the project was completed, just to make sure that everything was good. He didn’t need to do that, but it just goes to show what kind of a guy he is.
We were reassured and comfortable with Brad – we knew, "This is the guy." Great communication, competitive pricing – we would highly recommend Quality Painting & Restoration.

Z. Schwartz Client

I met Brad through someone who knew him through business contacts, and so far, his company Quality Painting & Restoration has worked on 3 of my properties: The Maine house had extensive water staining – it was a lot of work to get it looking great again. Brad and his crew did such exquisite work! repairing, preserving expensive draperies, rebuilding the interior. They were meticulous in the repairs and painting.
Our condo was the most recent home Brad worked on. He painted every inch – the detail work was great—again, meticulous.
I’ve never used any other painting contractor since I met Brad. Very impressive. He’s generous – for only a small amount of money, he helped me hang on one of my walls a digeridoo I picked up in Australia – he said that was a first for him! Brought one ladder in, then another until we got it right.
A designer helped me with the Maine house, and she said that she had never worked with anyone as good as Brad. His prices are competitive – I’ve never bargained with him. Worth every penny. Delightful personality – warm, friendly; A great professional - always comes when he says he is coming; keeps his word.
A man for all seasons. The best looks for the best-- and Brad’s that.