Brad Roy founded QPR (Quality Painting & Restoration) in 2007 because, “I wanted more—I wanted to be a master at my craft.

Early on, Brad demonstrated outstanding ability as a painter, but that was only half the challenge of being a master painter.

The other half was people.

Brad likes people, likes to talk with them, and likes pleasing them with his painting and carpentry skills and making them laugh while he improves their homes.

This ability to communicate with all kinds of people, matched with his new team’s continually-improving painting and restoration skills, have made QPR the best interior painting company in central New England.

Brad knows that home owners are sometimes mistreated by painting companies and their employees. It’s a sad fact that some painters are uncaring, disrespectful, and basically unaware that they’re guests in someone’s home. Brad agrees it takes a little more time to be neat, to clean up and vacuum at the end of the day; but he says this is about respecting the home (not just the house).

“When we’re invited into a home, we need to leave that environment in perfect shape; it’s part of the respect due the owner.”

Painting is a disruption to the home owner and QPR makes a special effort to minimize that disruption— maybe even make painting a pleasant experience!

“That’s part of what being a master painter is: before we start, while we paint, and after we’re finished.”

The QPR team agrees this means maintaining clear, honest communication with the client; using drop cloths; cordoning off nonwork areas; moving furniture, rugs, and precious items that might be affected by the work.

“It’s part of our company culture, so we are all respectful and well-mannered while in a home, we clean up after (including vacuuming) so we leave the home better than we found it.”

Keeping promises.

“I want to make clients happy by going above and beyond just the painting.”

It’s not just a house—it’s your home. No one know this better than QPR.